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Educators and Administrators: Have you ever wondered how to spark your students' critical thinking in new and engaging ways?

Book a workshop to learn Harvard Project Zero's Artful Thinking methodology from Dallas-based museum educator Carolyn Armbruster.


Introduction to Artful Thinking
Learn how to use Harvard Project Zero’s Artful Thinking methodology to develop students’ critical thinking skills:

  • observing and describing

  • questioning and investigating

  • reasoning

  • comparing and connecting

  • finding complexity

  • exploring viewpoints

The scaffolded structure of Artful Thinking routines gives educators the tools to foster deep thought, all by using learner-centered discussions of artwork as catalysts. Applicable to all subjects and grade levels.

Artful Thinking, Continued
Once you have participated in Introduction to Artful Thinking and tried it out with your students, we can schedule a follow-up workshop. Join your peers to exchange stories of successes, workshop failures, and learn new routines.



Carolyn Armbruster learned to teach using Artful Thinking while working at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. During her tenure as Educator Programs Manager at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, she trained over 800 teachers from 14 different DFW public school districts in Artful Thinking, giving them the tools to integrate the methodology into their teaching.


She founded Artful Thinking DFW in 2017 to bring workshops directly to teachers, training over 350 educators her first year. Carolyn is an approved Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider for Texas Educators.

Carolyn has a Masters in Teaching in Museum Education from The George Washington University and an undergraduate Art History degree from The College of William & Mary.

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