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Workshops and Curriculum Design
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Introduction to Artful Thinking

Introductory workshop to the Artful Thinking methodology for groups of up-to 30 teachers. Learn how to promote critical thinking in your classroom by facilitating learner-centered conversations about artwork. Applicable to all subjects and grade levels.


Artful Thinking Continued

After applying Artful Thinking in your classroom, come back together with up-to 30 teachers to share successes, workshop failures, and learn new routines to use at school.

Shimomura, Shimomura Crossing the Delawa

Curriculum design


Carolyn writes lessons integrating Artful Thinking routines into curriculum based on the goals of the course. She provides the teacher with everything they need to apply the methodology: facilitation guide, contextual information, and art images.

To book a workshop or commission a curriculum design project, email

Workshops cost $300 per 3-hour session for up-to 30 educators.

Curriculum design cost depends on scope of work.

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